That day I asked my six year old why has Allah created us? Are we here to play and eat and have play dates? What is the purpose of our creation? She observes that I am connected to the Quran so she tried her best and said, “Allah created us so we can go to Jannah”. I said only if you obey Allah.

Teach Our Kids

I realized that it’s very important to teach our kids why Allah has created human beings, or else at an early age their whole life is play and toys and nowadays iPad, then, later on, they think seeking and working hard for a career is the purpose of life and then comes the money and never-ending race for the material things of this world which will perish. So it’s very important to straighten their thoughts from the start.

The Purpose of Our Creation

We need to teach them that the purpose of our creation according to Quran is to worship Allah swt. And to achieve that goal we use the things of this world to help us maintain our strength.

For example, we need food, clothes, a home to live in. We need family and friends. We need a car. We can have these things but in halal ways, the ways that Allah swt has approved. We can have fun and games to some limit so we stay happy. But the main goal of our life should be to seek the pleasure of Allah, to help other people, to run in the race of getting close to Allah swt, to spread his deen and to convey the message of Quran to as many people as possible.

Our Guidebook

In the end, it is the Quran, how else would we know how Allah wants us to live our lives? Of course by learning his book.

Unfortunately, we forget this fact that Quran is a guidebook for our life. It has all the instructions and commands for our life. It teaches us how to act and react when we have all the blessings of Allah and how to react in difficult times.

When we don’t know our guidelines we deviate from the straight and easy path and we get lost in darknesses. And spend our whole life walking heedlessly.

May Allah give us the ability to learn our guidebook and to teach it to our kids too.

JazakaAllah Khair for reading.


Nazia Fuad is a Doctor by profession, a wife, mother of 5 kids and Alhamdulillah a Student of Quran, who has reached Juz 27 in her studies.  If you are a Student of Quran who would love to write a Guest Post that will showcase your creativity and empower the minds of our students and readers, we would love to hear from you. Write For Us.


  1. Allhumdulliah….I am blessed that my lil one is under the guidance of two grannies who pamper her a lot and tell her about Allah SWT and Quran …..I will also read her stories time to time….thank you for writing this post….

    1. Thankyou for liking it, this is not for just kids, we adults also get lost in material world and it’s glitter that we need to remind to ourselves the actual purpose of our life. SubhanAllah.

  2. Masha’Allah this is really thought provoking.. I too have a 6year old & I find they’re often referring to a happy fulfilled life is down to worldly material things… we do need to teach them from a young age what their purpose in life is… although they’re young… we can do it in small ways that gradually build as they get older. If we don’t set the foundations now, it’ll be much harder as they grow up. Great article JazakAllah khair for sharing x

  3. Such an important topic ma shaa Allah! It is must to tell the kids about the purpose of our life. And the talk about Jannah helps so much. Alhamdulillah. Jazakallahu Khayran Katheera

  4. Barakallahu feekum. Thanks for th reminder. I realized I haven’t had this discussion with my kids. We discuss about jannah and jahannam so I would expect a similar answer. SubhanAllah! We need to shift focus and start learning about the why and for then to grasp the meaning of ibadah at an early age would also be great may Allah keep us steadfast and grant us the righteousness of our children Ameen!

  5. Completely agree that this needs to be explained to the children from the start or they just aim for materialistic things.

    My youngest has been going to a quran lessons with Islamic studies from a young age as she is more aware than my eldest.

  6. MashaAllah! A good article on how we need to make kids conscious of Allah from a young age. My son is almost five years old and we have started talking about who is Allah and his He protects us and provides us with everything. Islamic books help answer this question too but it’s important that we plant the seed of love in their hearts so that they don’t grow with huge attachment to the world.

  7. Assalamu alaikum,
    I’m a 27 years old master student and a wife. I really want to memorize Quran but I don’t feel confident. I have memorized like 3 Ajza but due to inconsistency, I can’t retain the memorization. I need some tips to stay consistent, and motivation to be persistent in memorizing the Quran. Thanks


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