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Reflecting on the Recitation of Quran In Ramadan
As the blessed month of Ramadan unfolds, our hearts become filled with anticipation and eagerness to draw closer to Allah (SWT). One of the most...
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Crafting Purposeful Goals for Ramadan 
I remember the year when I approached Ramadan without clear intentions or having any specific goals for Ramadan. I found myself drifting through the month,...
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Aligning Your Intentions for Ramadan Bliss 
    Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, is a time when most people focus on setting intentions for Ramadan.   However, setting...
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The Beauty of Tadabbur – Reflecting upon the Quran
Today, join me as I share my personal experiences and explore the impact of Tadabbur, (reflecting upon the words of Allah). Have you ever wondered...
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Discover the 7 Best Islamic Books to Read Right Now
As Salaam Alaykum. If you're anything like me, you love getting lost in a good book. Today, I'm excited to share with you the 7...
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Islamic Inspirational Quotes to Uplift Students of Quran
Islamic inspirational quotes can be the motivation the heart needs for those of us attempting to fit studies into an already overflowing day. Whether it's...
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A Little About MeJamila Jones studentsofquran.com

Asalaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu

Welcome to Students of Quran, my name is Jamila Jones, I was born in the United Kingdom in the City of Bristol and raised a Christian until My Journey to Islam in 2004.

First studied online with Al Quran Wa Sunnah Online Islamic University from 2004-2007.

Then moved to the City of Leicester in April 2006 to be nearer to a Muslim community.

I then continued my Online Islamic Studies with AlHuda Institute Canada and then with the Islamic Online University.

Most of the resources on this website are from my personal study notes or learning materials from other institutions I studied with or researched.  I hope the information benefits you as they have been a great help to me during my studies. 

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