The believer who recites the Qur’an is like a citrus fruit – its fragrance is pleasing and its taste is sweet.

Preparing for Memorisation

After you have decided to memorize the Quran the first step is to prepare yourself for it.

First comes the mental preparation in which you mentally tell yourself about the great responsibility that you are about to take and its immense reward from Allah the Almighty.

The next step is to prepare yourself physically with materials that will aid you in memorising the Quran. Get yourself a study planner because just like any other subject you will need to plan the number of verses that you will memorize each day. This will help you visualize your Quran memorisation goals for each day.

Be your own strict teacher

Just like how you would give importance to any other subject give equal importance to memorisation of Quran as well. Don’t just keep it to memorisation but also come up with interesting assignments which will further help you in understanding what you are memorising. Take tests, ask a friend or a family member to hear you out, and don’t forget to reward yourself when you do well in your tests and assignments.

Hire a teacher you can report to

Even though you might want to memorise the whole Quran on your own, it is essential that you take help from a professional Quran teacher who will help you with tajweed and also help you stay on track because you will have someone to report to. With access to the internet, it is now easier to hire an online teacher so you can get help from the comfort of your home.

Setting up a routine

Dedicate a time of your day which you will spend in memorising Quran. For more dedication, set up a special place at your home where you will be away from all sorts of distractions.

Maybe your home is not really the place where you can efficiently memorise the Quran if that’s the case, then you can always visit your local Masjid.

Memorisation tips

  • Analyse yourself and see during what time of the day are you most active to memorise Quran. Not everyone is at their best in memorising early in the morning. For some, nighttimes are more effective in memorising.
  • Memorise the verses along with their meanings because this is effective in the long run.
  • Divide longer verses into small chunks.
  • Keep a notebook with you to make notes of any difficult words that you have a hard time pronouncing or recalling.
  • Listen to the Surah that you are memorising every morning after Fajr and before going to bed, and throughout the day whenever possible. It will make it easier for you to memorise the verses that you are committing to memory.
  • Relate the Quranic verses with practical situations in your life.

Gaining confidence

You might be getting second thoughts that maybe you are not good enough to memorise, or that you will have a hard time and won’t be able to memorise. To start with, don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Everyone is different and has a different mental capability so just because someone took lesser time to memorise doesn’t mean that you have to compete with them. Don’t compare your age as well, nor let anyone tell you that you are too old because Allah’s Will is greater than your age.

Ask for His Will, pray to Allah so that He makes it easier for you. Your intention to memorise Quran should solely be for the sake of pleasing Allah and your expectations should also be solely from Allah that only He can and will reward you for your decision and act to memorise Quran. When you will keep this in mind you will instantly feel confident to start with your memorisation process.

Do what you learn

When you memorize a Surah along with mentally remembering it, also portray it in your regular acts by following what was commanded in the verses. This will strengthen your Imaan.

Everything you learn will either be a witness for you or against you on the day of judgment.  In the Quran, Allah gives the analogy of the donkey carrying volumes of books to show the seriousness of not applying knowledge, the books only weigh down the donkey and give no benefit. (Quran, Surah 62:5 Al-Jumu’ah)

Find people with the same interest

Develop friendships with Muslim sisters or brothers that are also on the journey of memorising Quran. You can find them in your local Masjid and even start a club where you can have weekly meetings and let everyone share their stories.

You will also find groups on Facebook where Muslim sisters and brothers from around the world help each other in memorising Quran and you can have virtual friends to help you in this journey.

Have the heart to say NO

Often times you will be invited to events and gatherings which will clash with your Quran memorisation routine. Know that when it comes to memorising Quran you will need to be determined about your routine and take no gaps in between or you may have to start all over again. This may mean that you will have to turn down a lot of invitations or even if you do attend you may have to leave them early.

This does not mean you cannot have any socialization or fun, you will just have to set days and times of the day during which you are available to your friends and relatives and let them know about your studies.

Tools and Resources for Quran memorisation

You will find a Quran memorisation website which has over 15 reciters and simple and effective methods to help users with memorising Quran efficiently.

These apps use a set of techniques, some also involve games that will help you in memorising the Quran.

Also, check out this Quran memorisation course on Udemy 


  1. Your posts are always so beneficial ma shaa Allah. JazakilAllahu Khayr for sharing such great tips with us. May Allah make it easy for us to memorize His book and remember it and apply it to our life. Aameen

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