Parenting is indeed a tough job to do especially at this age. Controlling your children, taking care of their education, and taking care of their needs is no easy task. When it comes to education, Muslim parents have another duty besides giving their kids formal education. That’s to teach them about Islam. Thanks to the Quran teaching services, now kids can learn Quran online. Still, parenting plays a crucial role in your child’s Quran learning.

Some kids can learn or memorize the Holy Quran faster as compared to others. We are going to have a look at how parents can play their role to ensure that their child is learning the Holy Quran properly. So let us know about some ways parents can help their kids in better Quran learning and memorization. 

1. Teach Them Why It’s Important

The Quran is indeed the last book of Allah. To read and understand this, Allah SWT has promised many benefits in the future. Teach your child about the benefits of reading and memorizing the Quran. It will help them develop Interest over time. But don’t discuss this topic every time you sit with them, as it can lead to loss of content. Pay attention to your child’s mood and discuss accordingly.

2. Look For The Best Online Quran Classes

Once they develop their interest in religious teachings and learning the Quran, it’s time to hire a suitable online Quran academy for them so that they can learn Quran online while sitting in their comfort zone. Though they can learn the Quran while going to a mosque or madrasa, the risk of getting COVID infected and some other reasons make online Quran learning the best choice for their health and better education. 

3. Ensure Their Regular Attendance

The role of parents is not only to hire the best Quran academy for their children. The real challenge begins now. It is not enough to simply appoint a Quran teacher online. You need to teach your child to memorize the Quran online regularly by attending the classes daily. 

If your child frequently misses lessons, it isn’t only wasting your hard-earned money, but your child may also lag behind Quran learning. You can also ask the Qur’an teacher to know whether your child attends classes regularly or not.

4. Is Your Child Eating Properly

This is perhaps the most ignored part and a lot of parents don’t even bother about this part. But the truth is, nutrition plays a crucial role especially when your child is memorizing the Holy Quran. Quran memorization consumes a lot of your child’s brain energy. 

Without proper nutrition, your kid may not be able to retain the verses of the Quran due to deteriorating mental health. So make sure your kid gets dry fruit as well as other diets that boost mental health. 

5. Don’t Burdenize Your Kid

When the child reaches a certain age, he starts school. It is not easy to manage online Quran memorization while going to school. Your child may feel overwhelmed. In this case, they may encounter certain problems when reading or memorizing the Quran. 

If the problem persists, it may cause certain mental health problems. This is why you need to know if your child is overloaded or not. The best way to find this is to regularly ask them about how they are feeling and how they are managing their course. 

6. Regularly Get Reports

As a parent, you are responsible for your children’s Quran learning and memorization. You can also check your child’s performance report to know how well he is performing. You can contact a Quran teacher who is teaching your child the Holy Quran and ask questions about your child’s success and performance. Ask your child’s teacher what his weaknesses are and help him cope up with them.

7. Use Motivation As A Key

Motivation works everywhere and on everyone. Having a lot of pressure and problems in the Quran memorization, your child may start feeling that he can’t memorize the Quran. Don’t let him lose interest or get demotivated. 

As a parent, it’s your job to motivate your children and let them know that they can, and this will be encouraging. Motivation always plays an important part in achieving your goals.

8. Give Him Some Reward

Rewarding is one of the best ways to motivate your children towards the Quran learning. You should surprise the child with a small reward. Another option is to set goals for your child. If they achieve that goal, they should be rewarded as they wish. This will have a significant impact on your child’s performance and will help you stay motivated and speed up the process of memorizing the Quran.


Parenting plays an integral role in the child’s Quran learning speed. We have shared with you the 8 ways parents can play their role in helping kids to learn and memorize the Quran. Following these tips will have a great impact on the Quran learning speed of your child.

This Guest post was written by Bilal Ali, Online Quran teacher and an Islamic student with extensive experience in teaching kids.   If you are a Student of Quran who would love to write a Guest Post that will showcase your creativity and empower the minds of our students and readers, we would love to hear from you. Write For Us.


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