Every year Muslims around the world sacrifice an animal and distribute its meat to those in need. The Islamic concept of Qurbani is a reminder of Ibrahim’s (as) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail (as) for God. It is a reminder of Ibrahim’s (as) willingness to sacrifice for ALLAH (SWT). This sacrifice is the ultimate act of worship and submission to ALLAH (SWT). 

There are many different rules when considering Qurbani, which make this act more complex than just sacrificing an animal at random. The benefits from Qurbani include increased joy, happiness after its completion, rewards from Allah Almighty, among other things such as unity within communities during Qurbani.

Why do we sacrifice an animal during Qurbani?  

It has roots in Ibrahim’s (as) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail for God, which he was willing to do before God granted him a ram instead. Qurbani will also continue with increased severity because many people are left without food, shelter, and water because of the pandemic. 

Who is eligible for Qurbani?

Qurbani can be performed by any Muslim who is physically and mentally able, but it must be done in the name of Allah. A child does not need to have reached puberty to slaughter an animal for Qurbani purposes or distribute its meat; if a minor wants to do so they will need permission from their legal guardian.

Can I give More than one Qurbani?

Yes, you can give more than one Qurbani. You will need to register each animal and meat with any charity for distribution purposes.

Can I slaughter an animal on behalf of someone else?

If they are physically unable to do so then yes. But only if the person has given permission beforehand. 

Benefits of Qurbani in Islam

There are many benefits to Qurbani in Islam, which is a ritualistic sacrifice that Muslims can complete. The first of these benefits is the act itself in the remembrance of Ibrahim’s (as) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail for God. A second benefit from this act is an increased sense of unity within the Muslim community as we all gather together on one day each year for this purpose. Each person who participates will share in some level of joy and happiness after they sacrifice their animal because it means that they have successfully, completed an obligation to Allah Almighty. Finally, those who participate in Qurbani will be among those rewarded by ALLAH with extra rewards.

Qurbani rules for husband and wife

Rules for Qurbani vary between husbands and wives. For example, if a husband wants to sacrifice an animal Qurbani then his wife must agree for it to count as Qurbani from her perspective.

Is it compulsory to not shave before Qurbani?

No, it is not compulsory to not shave before Qurbani. However, there are a few religious rulings that suggest shaving may be preferable for the act of Qurbani; however, these vary depending on who you ask and their perspectives.

Can we give money instead of Qurbani?

Yes, you can donate money to Qurbani instead of sacrificing an animal. The value should be in accordance with the market price but it does not have as many benefits as Qurbani and would be considered less worshipful than Qurbani itself.

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