1. Assalamualaikum sister

    I would like to know if you have tafseer notes of juz 16 and 17..It would be great help.may Allah bless you n your family

    Seema gazani
    1. Ameen

      Wa Alaikum Salaam

      I have not typed up the study notes you are requesting as of yet, but will in the future Insha Allah. I would encourage all students to record their personal notes as it will increase in retaining what you have written.

      May Allah (swt) increase you in knowledge

  2. Assalamualyakum

    Any chance of getting any more lessons on here as i have found them very useful so far while doing my course at Al-huda.


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  4. As-salam-o-alaikum Sister,
    First and foremost JZK for doing such a great work.
    Secondly I wanted to know that if you have tafseer notes for Juzz 4.

    1. Wa lakum sallam

      Sister I do have notes, but I am sorry they are full of spelling mistakes, and I do not have the time to check them right now or edit them properly before uploading them. When I do find the time inshallah I will post them

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