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Lesson 1                                                  Lesson 2

Lesson 1 Al Fatiha 1 – 7                                       Tafseer Notes Baqarah 1-5

Al Fatiha Concept Map                                       Baqarah 1-5 Concept Map

Allahs Universe                                                     Virtues of Surtal Baqarah 1-5

Al Fatiha Student Notes                                      Baqarah 1-5 Students Notes

Lesson 3                                                  Lesson 4

Tafseer Baqarah 6-7

Baqarah-6-7_concept map                                LESSON 4 Baqarah 8-16

Baqarah 6-7 Exta Notes                                     Baqarah-8-16 Flow Chart

Student Notes Baqarah 6-7                               Hadeeth Lesson 4     

                                                                                     Student Notes Baqarah 8-16                                                                           

Lesson 5                                                  Lesson 6

LESSON 5 BAQARAH 17-20                            Tafseer Baqarah 21-25

Lesson 5 Concept Map                                        Baqarah 21-25 Concept Map a

Traits of the Hypocrites                                      Baqarah 21-25 Concept Map b

Parable of Baqarah 17-20                                  Miracles of the Quran

Hadeeth Lesson 5                                                Hadith & Ayet Ref Baq 21-25

Student Notes Baqarah17-20                           Student Notes Baqarah 21-25

Lesson 7                                                  Lesson 8

LESSON 7 – Tafseer Baqarah 26-29

 Mosquito Miracle of Quran                               Baqarah 30-39 flowchart

 Concept Map Baqarah-26-29                            Al-Baqarah 30-39 Translated

The Mosquito                                                         Hadeeth & Ayet Ref 30-39

Student Notes Baqarah 26-29                          Student Notes Baqarah 30-39

                                                                                       Shaytan Whispers

Lesson 9                                                Lesson 10

History Bani Isreal                                                   pdfBaqarah 49-59 Concept map

Concept Map baqarah-40-49                                pdfStudents Notes al-baqarah 49-59

Baqarah 40-49_flow_chart                                   pdfHadith Baqarah 49-59

Hadith 40-48                                                              pdfal-baqarah-49-59 notes

Students Notes al-baqarah 40-48                         pdfWhen does the Day Start



14 Responses

  1. AsslamAlaikum Sister
    By any chance do you have tafseer notes for Juz 5.

    • Wallakum Salaam

      I do have my personal notes, but they would have to be edited and double checked for spelling and error before I am able to upload them to the webiste

      • How long will you take to edit and double check….I am waiting…!!!
        JZK Sister

  2. If you can tell me what lessons are in Juzz 5 I will make a start

  3. As-salam-o-alaikum Sister,
    First and foremost JZK for doing such a great work.
    Secondly I wanted to know that if you have tafseer notes for Juzz 4.

    • Wa lakum sallam

      Sister I do have notes, but I am sorry they are full of spelling mistakes, and I do not have the time to check them right now or edit them properly before uploading them. When I do find the time inshallah I will post them

  4. Asslamu Alaikum,
    Sister Jamila ,
    Can you put up the concept maps for lesson 10 and 11.this work is really good.Masha Allah.


    • Wallakum Salaam

      I have uploaded all the tafseer and supporting notes for Lesson 10, however, I will upload the notes for Lesson 11 in a few weeks inshallah


  5. Asslamu Alaikum!!
    sis do you have notes of juz 9 n 10

  6. Asslamu Alaikum sister
    Do you have the Tafseer of the surahs Yaseen, Mulk and Waqiah?

  7. Assalamualyakum

    Any chance of getting any more lessons on here as i have found them very useful so far while doing my course at Al-huda.


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