As Salaam Alaykum, dear readers. Today we are discussing Quran Memorization Apps. 

Quran memorization, or as we call it – Hifz. It’s a beautiful journey, which will bring you spiritual richness as well as personal growth. In this tech heavy world, we have nifty little tools called Quran memorization apps to help guide to lean about the Quran along with memorizing. 

If you have ever looked for an app, then you know, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the perfect one for Hifz. There are so many options out there now, but don’t worry. I have selected my top 5 Quran memorization apps, each able to enhance your spiritual connection with Allah. 

Why Memorize the Quran? 

Some of you may be trying to memorize the quran word by word

The decision to commit the Quran to memory is a personal and enriching journey which will have a spiritual, and personal impact on your life. 

First and foremost, memorizing the Quran is an act of worship and love for Allah. It’s a way to draw closer to Allah, immersing oneself in words that give guidance, wisdom, and mercy. It’s a living connection and the verses which will no doubt resonate within your heart.

Not only will you find that Quranic memorization to be a transformative experience. You will find it will nurture your discipline, patience, and resilience, as you engage in the repetitive and sometimes challenging task of committing each verse to memory. 

When you memorize and ponder on the verses and teachings, you will find it will turn into a guiding compass for your daily decisions and actions. It’s not just about memorizing words but absorbing the meanings.

Moreover, being a Hafiz will be a source of pride and honour for you and your family, and it also contributes to preserving the Quran within the Muslim community. This tradition of memorization has been passed down through generations, fostering a sense of continuity and unity among our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world. 

May your journey of Quranic memorization be filled with blessings and spiritual fulfilment.

Choosing the Right App –  My Criteria 

As someone passionate about both technology and faith, I find Quran memorization apps to be useful tools for every Muslim.

User-Friendly Interface – The app should be easy to navigate. You want to spend my time memorizing, not trying to figure out how the app works.

Adaptability – Everyone’s pace is different. The app should be flexible, allowing you to go at your speed, whether moving fast or taking it slow.

Offline Access –  Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes you might not have an internet connection. The app should allow you to access your memorization material even when your offline.

Community Connection – Memorizing the Quran can be a solo journey, but it’s nice to feel connected. A good app should offer a sense of community, allowing users to share experiences, and tips, and support each other.

Reliability – No one wants an app that crashes or has constant issues. It should be glitch-free and regularly updated to ensure a smooth memorization experience.

quran with a moble displaying quran verse

Exploring the Top 5 Quran Memorization Apps 

1. Tarteel 


  • Find Tarteel on the App Store and Google Play for easy access.


  • Mistake Detection. Real-time feedback on your recitation.
  • Handy Mistake History. Keep track of your progress.
  • Advanced Memorization Mode. Hide words for a personalized experience.
  • Challenges and Session Playback. Keep your Hifz game strong with engaging challenges and review sessions.

Pricing Options

  • Free Trial. Test out the premium features at no cost.
  • Monthly Subscription after the trial period.
  • Annual Subscription billed per month or billed annually.
  • Lifetime Subscription. A one-time payment 

Tech Integration

  • Tarteel incorporates machine learning (AI) for personalised coaching during your recitation.
  • Note. The app is a work in progress, with word-level detection sensitivity being refined, especially during Fatiha recitation.

2. Al Muqri’ 


  • Al Muqri is easily accessible on the App Store, Google Play, and as a web app, providing a flexible user experience.

Diverse Reciters

  • Choose from a remarkable selection of 18 reciters, allowing you to curate your personalised recitation playlist.

Versatile Playback

  • Play specific sets of verses or immerse yourself in an entire chapter (sūrah) for a comprehensive recitation experience.

Visual Aid

  • Classic 15-lined ‘uthmānī page format offers a traditional and visually appealing way to view verses.
  • View verses alongside their translation for enhanced understanding.

Pricing Optons

  • Al Muqri’ is entirely free, making it an accessible and highly recommended resource for all Quran enthusiasts.

3. MemorizeQuran App 


  • You can access MemorizeQuran App on desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and TVs, offering flexibility across various devices.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and more, ensuring availability wherever you need it.

Diverse Reciters

  • Over 50 reciters provide a rich and varied recitation experience.
  • Verse by verse playback allows focused attention on specific sections of the Quran.

Quran Reading Mode

  • Immerse yourself in reading mode or follow along with the reciter, providing a personalised and guided experience.

Recitation Speed Control:

  • Take control of the speed to match your preferred pace.

Recitor Options

  • Choose your preferred mus’haf – whether it’s the King Fahad copies or the Madani Indo-Pak version.

Pricing Options

  • Completely free with no ads, ensuring an uninterrupted and focused memorization experience.

4. Al Muhaffiz


  • Al Muhaffiz is vailable on the App Store and Google Play for easy download and instant access.


  • Ayah Highlighting focus on specific verses during your memorization journey.
  • Mistake Highlighting visual cues for areas needing improvement.
  • Hiding Ayahs – customise your memorization session by hiding specific verses.
  • Self-Testing to evaluate your progress 
  • Download Specific Content tailor your memorization with the option to download specific content.

Reciter Options 

  • Choose from 3 different reciters to match your preference.

Payment Options

  • Completely free No hidden costs, no subscriptions, and no annoying ads.
  1. With The Quran App


  • With The Quran is Downloadable on the App Store and Google Play for easy access on your preferred device.

Mus’haf Selections

  • Choose your preferred Mus’haf from three options: King Fahad copies, classic Madani Indo-Pak version.

Audio Features

  • Immerse yourself in audio recitations to enhance your Quranic experience.

Hifz Tests

  • Take Hifz tests to evaluate and reinforce your memorization progress.

Progress Tracking

  • Track your Hifz journey with user-friendly tools that make progress monitoring a breeze.


  • Drop comments and make annotations that are easy to filter and tag for organised study sessions.
  • Explore word meanings, highlighting valuable insights during your learning process.
  • If you’re feeling scholarly, delve into advanced features like word meanings and task assignments, perfect for both learners and teachers.

There you have it 

I have given you a sneak peek into my top 5 picks of Quran memorization apps. Now, let me leave you with a question.

What feature do you value most in a Quran app that keeps you motivated in your memorization journey? 

Drop your thoughts below and let’s keep the conversation going.


    1. Wa alaykum assalam,

      I hope you find the blog post beneficial. JazakAllah Khair. It’s great to know that Quranly is your choice for connecting with the Quran. May it continue to enhance your understanding and bring blessings to your daily life.

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