Self-discipline is needed if you are an online student. Here, I have put together online etiquette tips for the students of knowledge that will help keep you focused and motivated when studying online.

Online Etiquette Tips for the Students of Knowledge

  • Do make sincere intention before starting your class, remind yourself why you are studying, why are you seeking knowledge.
  • Do make sure your desktop/laptop and any relevant learning platforms is ready and working before you start class. check your microphone, sound etc.
  • Do come to the online lesson prepared, have your Quran, notebooks, pens etc, ready.
  • Do be on time, punctuality is important, we should give the Quran the respect that it is due. Get into the good practice of being on time, you will benefit from all that is being taught, utilizing your time to its full potential. Respect your teachers time and effort in preparing for the lesson.
  • Do have patience with what you already know. if you feel you already know a particular hadith or subject of discussion think of the benefit of repetition and be humble: you always need more knowledge. This repetition will only make you more grounded in what you already know.

mobiles off online etiquette tips

  • Do have complete focus, mobiles should be switched off or on silent.  
  • Do not distract others with non-related text chatting on the computer during the live classes, save questions until the end of the class or until the teacher asks. All tabs and non-related web pages should be closed.
  • Do not distract yourself by surfing the website when you should be focused on the lesson. You should only have books or web pages opened related to the class or topic at hand.
  • Do balance your study time wisely, keep on top of your class work and assignments, make a note of your deadlines, and don't leave your assignments until the last minute, set aside time for each subject, draw up a timetable of study.
  • Do stay in contact with your teacher or group in charge, this could be through emails, telephone, interacting in class. Inform the teacher if you will be absent.
  • Do Interact with other students either through forums or one-to-one, this will help keep you motivated and less isolated when studying.
  • Do be mindful when sitting for unmoderated tests or exams, Allah (swt) is watching you in secret and in the open.
  • Thank Allah (swt), be grateful that he has blessed you with the ability to be a Student of Quran.

If you're an online student, please share the study tips that work for you or suggestions that you feel would help other students, leave your comments below.

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