Before reading Quran or standing for prayer we must recite the isti'adha, A’oodhu Billaahi min al-Shaytaan ir-rajeem, I seek refuge with Allah from the shaytan the accursed.  Below the chart displays the word to word breakdown, root letters and meaning. The root letters give the basic meaning, the origin or foundation of a word.

These notes also provide the word to word breakdown for the word Quran along with several other words, which will give you a better understanding when studying the Quran.

I seek refuge with Allah word to word breakdown

القُرْعان  Al Quran

ق ر ء  to recite, to read, that which is recited, the recitation, the reading, that which is read a lot.  The Quran is the most recited book.  The book sent down by Allah to be recited, to be read.

ق ر ن to join, that which is joined together, something that is combined together e.g. letters,  ayets,  surahs are all combined together.

سُورَة   Surah - Chapter

س و ر  to fence in, to enclose, to surround something with a wall.  A wall protects and divides.   Surah's enclose ayets within and separates a surah from another surah.  

Elevated - an elevated land, high status, elevated in rank, elevated in speech.  Each Surah is elevated. The Quran is the most elevated book.  Elevated in status and in speech.  The more you recite the more you are elevated.

Bracelet -  adorned, beautify.  Bracelet made of several gems.  Surahs are like a collection of adorned precious gems, eg,  if we say a diamond represents Al Fatihah, a ruby Al Baqarah etc.,  each one is precious, valuable, but different, all these surahs are connected just like a bracelet.

ءَايَة  Ayet - Verse

This word has several meanings.

  • a sign
  • a lesson
  • a miracle
  • a statement
  • a verse or sentence

An ayet of the Quran is a verse or sentence, every sentence is a miracle and it contains lessons for mankind to benefit.

لَفْظ  Laft

ل ف ط  to spit something out, the sea threw out the fish on the shore, that which is thrown out, that which is spoken.  When you speak you throw out words, that which is enunciated.

حَرْف  Harf - A Letter

ح ر ف  an edge of something like a cliff, the brink of.  When you reach the edge of the cliff you must turn back, its the turning point.  We turn our tongue back to get the next letter, once we read a letter we have to turn our tongue to proceed to the next.

 حَرَكَات  Harakat

Movement, to move something.  Vowel signs, fatta, kasra, dammah etc give movement to the shape of the mouth.


A portion, a part of a whole,  thirty parts altogether to form the Quran.



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