Why did Allah choose the Arabic Language for Quran?  These study notes give solid points and explanation as to why learn Quran in Arabic.



Allah Chose the Arabic Language

إِنَّا جَعَلْنَاهُ قُرْآنًا عَرَبِيًّا

Indeed, We (have) made it a Quran (in) Arabic

  • What Arabic can convey no other language can convey.


  • There are 10 different qira'at (recitations), passed down generation to generation.


  • Allah allowed these different recitations but he did not reveal the Quran in different languages, he revealed it in arabic only and allowed room within arabic, but he chose the arabic language.

The Miracle of the Quran

  • When we understand the Quran in arabic we realize the miracle of the Quran.


  • We cannot understand the miracle of the Quran through the translation.


  • As you continue to study the word-to-word translation and word analysis you will realize the beauty of the arabic language and what oceans of meaning the arabic words contain.

In Translation, the Meaning is Lost

  • The Quran cannot be fully understood by just the translation only.

When the words are studied in detail, for example, الحمد لله ربّ العالمين translates in English as All Praise to Allah Lord of all the Worlds. This translation is different in the understanding from the words in the Arabic language itself.


  • One word in Arabic could also have several meanings.    


Allah has used different words in the Quran for anger. When we translate the word into English you only read it as anger, but you will not know what particular type of anger is meant, as in Arabic there are several words for Arabic and different meanings. When you only read the translation you don't get the entire meaning.


  • When Allah uses specific words and you understand them in their own right,  you will know the exact meaning Allah intended.

The Strongest Interpretation

These days you may hear there are modern translations of the Quran or you may hear someone say this meaning is not correct, or that a meaning is valid. Everybody is coming up with their own meanings, their own interpretations. This is why we learn Quran in Arabic, so you will know what is the correct meaning.


  • Through your studies of the Arabic language, you will have the proof that a certain translation from Arabic to English is correct.


  • Another benefit of learning Arabic you will know what the strongest meaning and interpretation is. This is extremely important as now and then you may hear an interpretation that is not correct.


These are the reasons why we learn Quran in Arabic.


As a student of Quran, we analyze the words in detail. The article on  The goal of word analysis explains what it is to study the Arabic words of the Quran grammatically, linguistically and contextually. 



  1. Ma sha Allah , your effort to teach Arabic for learning Qur’an properly , in true context is commendable !
    I would like to be a life-long student of Qur’an .
    May Allah reward you immensely , Aameen .

    Serajul Islam
  2. Masya Allah very good content.

    In time of Jahiliyyah, Allah has instill to the heart of musyrikin to love language and poems. So when they heard the word of Allah, they can recognize this is not the word of human. I really tempted to learn Arabic because I want to see the beauty that people keep talking about. I only read it in my language but surely it will be better to understand it directly in Arabic.

    Hope to see more!

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