Do you need to get organized? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all your coursework and daily activities? In this article, we will address the importance of having a Student Study Plan, how to draw one up and look at a few tools and resources available to you.

Why You Need A Study Plan

Time management is the most important aspect when it comes to studying, especially if you have a part-time job or other responsibilities such as taking care of a family, these are factors that you will have to include into your study plan. I personally found being a full-time student and trying to run a household very overwhelming but using a study plan helped me to organize my time more effectively and gave me clarity and focus. A study plan will help you to plan ahead so that you are prepared for classes and your daily life.

Each persons study plan will, of course, be different. Your study plan will become a big part of student-study-plan-studentsofquran.comyour life, it will help you develop a personal routine which you will utilize every day. If you have drawn up your plan well It will take you through the steps you need to tick off on a daily basis to make sure you stay on top of your coursework, it will also help you to prepare for your classes, tests and meet deadlines.

Do you tend to procrastinate? If your goals and tasks for the day are written in your study plan you will have more of an incentive to commit to them. Placing a tick next to your completed tasks will make you feel you are more in control especially if you have a lot of work to do. You will find writing everything down, that you can then check off as you complete, will make you feel at ease.

When you have your study plan in place you will have more focus and be able to maintain what you are learning much easier. You may also find you have more time on your hands to be a lot more productive.

Draw up your weekly study plan on one sheet of paper if possible so you can visualize your week ahead.

Draw Up Your Weekly Schedule

  1. At the start of the week write down the weekly goals that you would like to accomplish e.g. recite Quran after fajr, memorize dua on thankfulness.
  2. Write down all your classes, tests, exams scheduled for the week. You can also differentiate between each subject by highlighting with colours.
  3. Write down all your planned social appointments e.g. dentist appointments, swimming, visit mum etc
  4. Write down study free time, this will be when you to do homework, revision, prepare for assignments etc. Set a timer for these periods of study and make sure you take breaks.
  5. Take a break, give your brain a chance to recharge and relax, when you resume your studies you will feel a lot more settled and calm.

Tools & Resources

You will find endless tools and resources on the internet to help students plan and organize their work.  I have put together a study plan if you would like a free copy please sign up below.

Get Your Free Student Study Plan

Digital Student Study Planners

GoConqr - They have a free online study planner that lets you better manage your time and prepare for future exams. Also, available as an App for mobile users.

MyStudyLife - Another digital Student Study Planner to help you organize your classes, tasks, exams. Also available as an App for mobile users.

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed the article, If you have any points that you would like to add that I may have left out please feel free to share by leaving your comments below, your email will not be displayed.


  1. Hey, thanks for sharing a great article that will help many students to learn how to manage their time while studding.
    Time management is one of the best tools to learn, it will help anyone to accomplish anything they want in life, not only when they are still at school.
    Thanks for sharing some good point that will help me to get all my tasks to work on during the week on my planner.

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing this post on student study plan. This is really good information and I think that so many people will love this post because this can help so many people to put together a plan that will help them to become effective when it comes to committing to memory that which is so important. This is an awesome way to have success in this area.

  3. Hi Jamila.. thank you for a great article.

    Time management is always a challenge for me and I think this will help me to organize my time more effectively and give me focus.

    Thank you again.. keep up the good work!

    Best wishes

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