A Directory of arabic root words and letters, singular and plurals from Juz 1 – Juz 30

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  1. Salam Alykom Sister! JzkAllahu Khairan for this lovely website you’ve made. May Allah bless you for all your effort.
    I was just having a look at the rootwords, I cant access from Juz 6 onwards..
    Could you please email me the rest of them? JzkAllahu Khairan.

  2. Assalamo Alykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu..
    I was used to download rootwords of every juz accordingly but now I am not able to download it as previous.
    I need all words in table form as before I got them from this site.
    I got a msg if u subscribe u will get complete library but I’m unable to get them here after subscription.
    Plz help me out n send me link from I can excess that copy of words..

    Those are very helpful for me..

    Jazakillahu khairn kaseera

    1. Assalamualaikkum. .. Is there any possibility to get the root words from juz 6- juz 30… It would be of great help if you could email me the root words/letters PDF.. Jhazakallahu khair

  3. Asalamu alaikum sr
    Ive signed up in your web site, but unable to access the root words and singular/plural.

    Kindly help me out to access.
    Barakallahu feekum,

    May Allah reward you for your work, which helps us to read and understand the Kalam of Allah in depth.


    Jazakallahu Khair

    Raheema Parveen
      1. Aswrwb Sr

        Alhamdulillah, your site helps us to study the kalam of Allah easily

        I need the rootwords pdf for juz 28, I cannot find it. kindly help me out. I’ve already subscribed.
        jzk k

        Raheema Parveen Mohamed Soukath Basha
  4. AssalaamuAlaykum dear sister, having trouble accessing the free resources. Every time I log in to access it, the website just goes to sign up page. Please help.

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam bro Mohammad, These are the websites and software that I use. You can find the links on my website here. My App Reviews. You will also find a selection of resources in the right hand side bar on each page of the website which lists useful resources, Quran Corpus you will find is very useful. I hope this is what you are looking for, Jazkallah Khair

        1. Amazing work !! It is helpful for everyone learning ababout Islam .great work jazakallah hu kaseeran .
          May Allah reward you for this …ameen
          We should even encourage others to do little works like this to show that ” Islam a beautiful religion ” and it has a son pathway assigned to it. Let us pray for that to come forward to learn and spread about islam.in shaa Allah

  5. Assalamo alikum. You have no clue how much I am grateful to Allah for giving this opportunity to you, you’ve helped many students of Quran, Allah increase you in all khair! Ameen.! May this be ticket to jannah for you and your family. May you stay steadfast on faith and amal. I was worried sice you had no activity for quite long, I felt as if you had abandoned this website. :/ This pleases me more to know youre still updating this website! Allah reward you fro we humans cannot return anything. <3 <3 <3

        1. Wa Alaikum Salaam

          I was sent a link from Lisun ul Quran. I do not know this site as I have not personally studied with them. I have looked at their resources available but cannot give you an in-depth review as I do not speak Urdu. I believe the tutor and Nouman Ali Khan were taught by the same person. I hope you find the site beneficial.

          Jazzakallah Khair

          Sis Jamila

          Jamila Jones
  6. Aa wr wb sister
    Masha Allah u r doing great job!!

    Sister I cannot see juzz 29 & juzz 30 list of roots. How can I gain access to them pls..?
    Pls help

  7. Salam o Alekum,

    Ramadan Kareem Sister Jamila. May Allah(SWT) reward you ‘khatheeran’ for these root words. I am using them for my study at and they are a great help! I am looking forward for the roots words of Juz 29 and 30 as soon I will be needing them. Lots of Dua’as for your efforts.

    1. Salamualykum, I stumbled across this site from google. I’m looking forward to Juz 29 and 30.
      I’m going to this explore this site.

      Abu Ibraheem
  8. Assalamu alaikkum brothers
    The root words for Juz 11 is uploaded wrongly by repeating Juz 10 again. Hence please make the amendment and upload Juz 11 so that we can continue obtaining the benefits.
    Jazakumullah Khairan.

    Fahim Hameed
  9. aslm wr wb just that downloaded the roort words and prayed for you that may Allah SWT reward you for it aamin. and may Allah maked for me to learn aaamin. JazkaAllah … Fawsiya

  10. Assalam O Alakum Wr Wb

    JazakAllah Khayr.

    I don’t know who you are but i was trying to find root words and came across your website. It is amazing. The kind of resources you have, i am amazed and thankful to Allah SWT that He made you a waseela for me to gain knowledge from.

    JazakAllah Katheeran.

    I want to ask, if i have any questions, can i ask ? (I am not a student of your course!


  11. AOA WRB..
    Downloaded the roort words from here today and prayed for you that May Allah SWT reward you for the efforts.. May Allah SWT give me ILM and Taufeeq that i can share Para 18 and onwards in same way InshaAllah.. JZK Kaseeran..

    1. aslm wr wb.
      jazaki allahu kairen katheeran.
      barak allah fee ilmik.
      may allah the almighty reward you and your family with his endless blessings and mercy in this world and the hereafter.
      take care.

  12. Asslam o alaikum sister
    Allah SWT accept all ur effort and reward u with his blessing u doing really big job it’s help me a lot And many people learning as well . I m desperately waiting for next juz 17 to 30.
    My Dua’s with u

  13. jazaki allahu kairen katheeran for the great help. may Allah the almighty grant you all his endless rahma, Baraka and niyamah.my comp crashed.so took time to reply.

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  15. aslm wr wb.
    is it possible to get juz 16 root words and word meaning.
    jzkk sisters.it is a great help for me. may allah the almighty give all azar for taking effort to do.

  16. Salam Alykum,

    One of the best websites, I always browse in browser, Allah gives more Sawaaab, would you please let me know , when the rest of Root Words will be uploaded as yet till 15 have been uploaded, thanks,

  17. Sr. Jamila,
    AssalamuAlaykum. Can you please upload word file of the root words. I would like to include any words that are not already included from Quran.

    JAzakum Allah Khair for your efforts.

    Adila Nisar
  18. Asalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,
    Jizakillah khairan for uploading root words til juz 9 , Kindly upload root word list till juz 30 if its available with you
    Jizakillah khairan

    1. assalamu aliykum sis, jazakallahu khairrun i am a new muslim strugling a lot to learn qur’an and its root words please forward me the root words list of 30th juz please………… waiting

      1. aoa wrwbr…sister mashallah u are doing great job….
        can i get all ur material in urdu also?
        as i am working on this blog:
        kindly help me…
        email me please if u have…Ill be thankful…
        Note: I am working for Unregistered students,, so please need help…
        Alhamdulillah I have saved all ur pdfs uptil 25 paras….
        I was in search of root words Analysis
        Alhamdulillah i found….
        Jazakallahu khaira
        Such a great job…
        Such a sadqa-e- jaria…

        Students's Society

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