O, my Lord, Increase me in knowledge. (TAHA: 114)

In this dua, Allah is telling the Prophet (pbuh) to make Dua.  There is no one more learned then the Prophet (pbuh), if that is the command for him, then we should make this dua also.


DUAs for Success: 100+ DUAs (prayers and supplications) from Quran and Hadith


Word-to-Word Translation 


    Rabbi    Zid ne    ilma
   O Lord Increase me(in) Knowledge
  • When reciting in a group pronounce na for us. Zid na, Increase us ( fattah)
  • When reciting on your own pronounce ne for me. Zid ne, Increase me ( kassara)

We are asking to be increased with knowledge.

Knowledge is something that we should want more and more of. The more you have the more you want. You soon realize this is a dua for success as knowledge is a gift.


  • Knowledge gives you freedom from ignorancedua-knowledge-sucess-studentsofquran.com
  • Knowledge raises you
  • Knowledge is a means of light for mankind and his heart
  • Knowledge is life and the solution out of hardships  
  • Knowledge is a friend in time of loneliness, grief, sorrow, and pain
  • Knowledge is something that guides you
  • Knowledge is there for the heart just as rain is there for the nourishment of the earth


Allah is a source of life for the dead heart, the dead heart will come alive and slowly start to grow with Allah's knowledge, just like when everything slowly turns green after the rain.

There are different types of knowledge that we need, but the best is that from Allah.

To gain this knowledge it is important that we make dua along with effort.

You don’t need to be young to gain knowledge, you can seek knowledge at any age.

The Prophet (pbuh) he was forty when he started to receive the revelation which he continued to received right up until the end of his life.  It’s never too late to implement knowledge

Remember to make dua with intention.





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  1. I have never read any of the quran as I have only really studied eastern philosophy. And after reading this article I wish I had read it before.
    Knowledge truly is a means of light for mankind and his heart.
    Thank you for sharing this with us and I think I will use this site as a reference for any further studies of Islam.

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