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Recommended books from my bookshelf

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam

The Complete Idiots Guide to Understanding Islam is the very first book that I read about Islam.  This book had a great impact on my life and was one of the stepping stones to My Journey to Islam. You will find the book very easy to read and simple to understand. If you are seeking to find out more about the religion or are new to Islam or just starting your journey in Islam, this book is for you.  Read More


Muhammad Man & Prophet

My husband introduced me to this book and encourage me to read it.  It is a well written and detailed Seerah of the Prophet (pbuh).  This book covers the historical backgrounds of events and shows us how human he was as well as his Prophethood.  I have read several bios of his life and this is my favourite. 

The Sealed Nectar

An amazing and very popular biography of the Prophet (pbuh).  I highly recommend it as one of the staple books that every Muslim home should have to better understand Islam.

When The Moon Split

This book formed part of the resource reference while I was studying the Seerah of the Prophet (pbuh) at AlHuda Institute Canada.   The book gives an account of the major events and bare facts that took place.


Du'a Weapon Of The Believer

This book elaborates on the importance and etiquette of dua' in Islam.  I highly recommend this book if you are serious about your duas and want to get the most out of them.

  • excellence and benefits of du'a.
  • types of du'a
  • pre-conditions that are needed in order for a du'a to be accepted
  • recommended etiquette of performing du'a
  • timings and situations in which a du'a is more likely to be answered
  • various factors that aid or prevent a du'a from being accepted
  • relationship of du'a with the Divine Decree (qadr)
  • wisdom behind a delayed response, and many other relevant topics.

The Ideal Muslim

This is an excellent book which touches on all aspects needed to be the best Ideal Muslim using Quran and the Sunnah as reference and guidance.   The True Islamic Personality of the Muslim as Defined in the Qur'an and Sunnah

The Ideal Muslimah

I really enjoyed reading this book.  Ideal also if you are new to Islam.  I was given this book as a gift when I first converted and it taught me what was expected of me as a Muslimah.  It helped to guide me in my relationships with fellow Muslims and well as my own family who are non-Muslims.

From My Sisters' Lips

This book is written by a convert Na'ima Robert.  She takes you on her journey to Islam and into the lives of other women converts. It's a very interesting and inspiring read.  I especially connected with her take on the differences between culture and the religion of Islam.


Don't Be Sad

This book is an Ideal guide for any Muslim or non-Muslim facing trials and tests in life.  It will help strengthen your faith and give you a more positive outlook on life and how to approach difficult situations.

You Can Be the Happiest Woman in the World

This is the book to pick up when you feeling low and need reminding just how blessed you are. We all have low moments, worrying, stressing feelings of depression. This book is full of positive reminders drawing on Islamic teachings.

Tajweed Qur'an

My sister-in-law gave me this Quran as a gift.  I use it often to practice my tajweed.  I find it so much easier learning the rules of tajweed and pronouncing the rules with the colour codes on the fonts which are also a nice size are an added bonus.

Tajweed Rules of the Qur'an

I used these three workbooks as part of the course material while studying tajweed.  These books are excellent for learning tajweed, it is written in English and the rules are explained very simply for easy understanding.  Its extremely helpful for students.


Mini Tafseer Book Series

I highly recommend investing in the Mini Tafseer Book Series for younger children. I utilized these books when  I was a tutoring younger children.  These books are designed to help parents teach their child to understand the meaning of the Quran and help them comprehend what they are reciting.  The Mini Tafseer Book Series is available to purchase on Amazon. They stock all 38 books in the Series, (Juz Ama) plus Surah Al Faatiha.   Learning Quran with understanding can truly benefit your children.   Read More


Sahih Al Bukhari English Translation 9 Vol.

I purchased these volumes at the Jimas International Da'wah Conference back in 2006.    Two years after accepting Islam.  It was important for me to make sure what I was learning and being told by others was authentic.  These books are Authentic Hadith and great for in-depth-studies. The script is in Arabic and English. A great investment and a small price to pay for seeking the correct knowledge.


Belief in Allah: In the Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah

This Book forms a part of the Islamic Creed Series. It concentrates on Aqeedah, Belief in Allah and his perfect attributes.  I purchased this book when studying Aqeedah and inshallah hope to purchase the other books that form the Series:

  • The World of the Nobel Angels
  • The World of the Jinn & Devils
  • The Messengers and the Messages
  • The Minor Resurrection (What happens after death)
  • The Day of Ressurection
  • Paradise and Hell
  • Divine Will and Predestination


Minhaj Al-Muslim - The Way of the Muslim

These books Vol 1 & Vol 2  are very informative books which you can learn and teach from.  A great guide in assisting you to understand the Quran and apply its wisdom.  These books go into the detail on every aspect of Islam.

Fatawa Islamiyah - Islamic Verdicts 

These books were given to me has a gift Alhamdulillah. They are a great asset form every Muslim home.  I believe you can purchase the books separately.  The books will help you to deal with issues that every family and individual faces and assisting your friends. Great books to have for a lifetime of study.

Vocabulary of the Holy Quran

A dictionary which contains Root Words and examples from the Quran.  Great for study and research.  Root words are based on the three-letter roots allowing you to easily identify words and their meanings.


Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet

Another must-have for your bookshelf for Muslims and non-Muslims who are health conscious.  The book covers diseases, natural medicines, cupping and much more. A great educational reference and invaluable support to add to your library

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