O, Allah! Make useful for me what You taught me and teach me knowledge

that will be useful to me.

Word to word translation read from right to left

          وَ      عَلَّمتَنِي          بِمَا      انّفَعنِي        اللِّهُم
            wa         allamtane           bi ma       Anfagne      Allahuma
           and    you taught me       with what      Benefit me       O Allah
        زِدْنِي             وَ      يَنفَعنِي          مَا      عَلِّمنِيِ
          zidne               wa        yanfagne             ma         alamne
     increase me              and (It will) benefit me            what        teach me

In this Dua, we are asking Allah (swt) for four things:-

To benefit us with what we have learned in the past and knowledge we are learning in the present, and to also increase us in knowledge.


We are asking Allah (swt) to benefit us from past and present knowledge. Whatever he has taught us so far and whatever education we have all done in the past, and what we will learn in the future.  This includes all life experiences, not just academic knowledge.

As daughters, mothers, teachers students everything in your life teaches you something, so ask Allah (swt) to benefit you with all of these experiences and everything you have learned so far.

Everything in your life teaches you something, there are always lessons to be learned from life experiences, so we ask Allah (swt) to also let us benefit from these life experiences and for us to be able to use them in a way that Allah will be pleased with and for it to benefit us in the hereafter, not just in the Dunya.dua-for-students-seeking-beneit-studentsofquran.com

Not everything that we learn will get used or applied at that time.  Knowledge is like a treasure chest that we can go to and draw from when we need it and apply it to certain situations when needed.

I have an A Level in Accounts, but I did not become an Accountant, but whenever I need those skills I draw from it and use them when doing my tax returns, or helping with our charities books.  But sometimes we have this treasure of knowledge and we are too lazy to use it or share it.

We should apply our knowledge with determination when needed, especially if you have the skills to do so.

This Dua can apply to situations i.e when you have practised your word-for-word translation over and over but when you get to class and it's your turn to read its gone.  Make this Dua so that it will benefit you at the time when you need it.

So let's pray to Allah that he gives us the ability to benefit from what we are learning and that he teaches us only that which will be of benefit, we don’t want information overload.  We don't want information for the sake of collecting information. We are not collectors of information but implementers of information, be implementers of knowledge.

Jamila Jones study notes

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  1. As-Salam-O-Alaykum,
    I’m glad to find your website. I am wondering if it’s possible to get hold of the password to listen to the class recordings. JazakAllah

  2. Assalamualyakum,

    My name is Fahmida from USA. I was searching for how to understand Quran. Alhamdullilah I came across your site. I have started the root words and like to submit on what I have learned. Please let me know where I can submit my answers.

    1. Asalaam Allakum sister I am glad you have found the handouts useful. I am not available to teach right now but I recommend you check out alhuda the link is on this website, they do excellent courses, there is a small fee but I believe there is also a free course please check it out. Jazzakallah

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