1. AlhamdulLlah for all of His favour on us.
    Many thanks to you for sharing this beneficial knowledge. May Allah keep you steadfast in this way of the best of mankind as the Prophet (PBUH) had described as those who learn the Qur’an and teach others.
    I beseech Allah to reward you with goodness in this world and the next.

    Muslima Adelani
  2. I found it interesting how rizq is broken down into the tangible and intangible. This is a very straightforward way to break down the Qur’an! I like it. My favorite takeaway: “Lots of struggles and physical effort to please Allah (swt). These people work their entire lives, they don’t take breaks. Just like a farmer, the believer has to wait for their reward.” May Allah make us inhabitants of Jannah, amin!

  3. This was an interesting way to study the different parts of surah Al Baqarah and a great reminder about seeking knowledge. Thank you for sharing your knowledge mA. What a great way to blog and gain reward mA.

  4. One of my favourite Surahs! Because it is my favourite I have memorised it & its translation. My favourite ayats have to be 183-186; our reminder to fast every Ramadhan! Touches my heart every single time!

  5. Jazakillahkhayr. I really enjoyed reading through the content of your presentation, and I appreciated the kinesthetic elements of clicking to continue and the movement of slides around the screen. Also, the black text on coloured slides was fantastic for dyslexia. Thanks for being so thoughtful, masha’Allah.

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