Word Analysis

To open some documents you may need Adobe Reader

 The Goal of Word Analysis

How to take notes                   Sample One     Page 1

Sample Two     Page 2


LESSON ONE Supporting Notes AlFatiha

LESSON TWO Supporting Notes Baqarah 1-5

LESSON THREE Supporting Notes Baq 6-7

LESSON FOUR Supporting Notes Baq 8-16

LESSON FIVE Supporting Notes Baq 17-20

LESSON SIX Supporting Notes Baq 21-25

LESSON SEVEN Supporting Notes Baq 26-29

LESSON EIGHT Supporting Notes Baq 30-39

LESSON NINE  Supporting Notes Baq 40-48

LESSON TENpdfSupporting Notes Baqarah 49-59

LESSON ELEVEN Supporting Notes Baq 60-62


6 Responses

  1. i really love these slides,they are so helpful.I wish I had it for the juz4 and 5.is there a way Jamila I can get them.

    • Wa salaam
      I have sent an email to sister Momina who created these slides on your behalf and will post her response once she replies. I shall be uploading the notes soon that go with these slides which inshallah will also be of benefit. I have also completed flash cards for juzz 2 which I shall be uploading this week.

  2. JazakAllah Khairun SIster Jamila.

  3. As salaam allakum
    i randomly came across this site and m glad i did… sister, i was wondering if u could forward me your notes for surah Baqarah since i have an exam coming up, its really amazing for revision.

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