A Productivity Journal For Muslims

I Will In Shaa Allah: A productivity Journal For Muslims

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   Authors: Ayesha & Samina, founders of AYEINA – Two Muslim mom bloggers (commonly known as the “twin-ninjas”), countries apart, with hearts as one – Sisters by birth and best friends by choice.


My personal Facebook page, displays the affirmation "She Believed She Could So She Did." At one point in my life, I struggled to believe in myself and my abilities to make my dreams and goals come true. Knowing my purpose in life put me back on track and having a plan and the right tools in place helped me to achieve what I never thought was possible.

Indeed, I have used many journals, study planners and systems over the years but never one like this. I love affirmations such as "She believed she could so she did" and strongly believe this Journal will help anyone who is determined to improve their lives and realize their dreams.

I Will, Inshaa Allaah

It was this title that first caught my attention; a strong reminder that no matter how much we may plan, it will only come to be if Allah wills.

Throughout this Journal, you will find beautiful handpainted illustrations which are spiritually uplifting along with Islamic reminders which motivate and encourage you to become a better person. The Journal is designed to help you focus and achieve your dreams and goals within four important areas of your life:-

  • Spiritual Development
  • Personal Development

  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Goals and Dreams

Spiritual Development

Based around the 5 pillars of Islam; Tawheed, Salah, Fasting, Zakat and Hajj. In each section, you will find a collection of planners, charts and trackers containing each pillar of Islam to keep you focused on your deen and eman. Each worksheet is accompanied by beautiful illustrations which you can also frame to enjoy or present as a gift.

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Personal Development

This is one of my favourite sections in this Journal. It gives guidance on self-love, self-care, self- awareness and self-management. In the past, I did not know my value or worth and always put myself last. Even though I have developed and grown in self-confidence, I still believe it's important to constantly monitor and manage our selves as it is too easy to slip back into old habits, but we need to be willing to put in the work to change. This planner will guide you through the process.

Indeed Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. Quran: 13:11

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Strengthening Relationships

This section will help you to improve and develop beneficial relationships  People come in and out of our lives all the time. Life is a test and we are constantly tested by people; our children, spouses, friends, relatives etc. All the exercises and worksheets provided will help strengthen kinships, remove toxic and negative energy of others, and most of all, develop a relationship with our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his sunnah.  There is also a worksheet for you to set goals on giving dawah.

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Goals & Dreams

Alhamdulillah, with a lot of hard work I have realised most of my dreams, but I did lack balance which caused problems in other areas of my life. The beauty of this Journal is that it will help you to map out your dreams and maintain the spiritual balance needed while reminding you to have trust in Allah (SWT) and take measurable steps to achieve your aims. This section of the Journal contains a dua dairy, bucket list, skills development, and book log, facing fears and perspective shift worksheets plus a gratitude list. Let your dreams inspire you.

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Other Features

  • Customize according to your needs
  • Add up to 50 more pages
  • Magnetic black marker with dry eraser
  • Gold D-ring with a compressor to hold pages firmly
  • Transparent reinforcement stickers for hole protection 

My Final Thoughts

I love the fact that you can buy this journal in three different formats allowing more freedom to purchase according to your budget.  The Journal comes in hard or soft cover and digital download.

You will not find any type of calendar within the journal which was a little disappointing, but not to worry, they have an un-dated 12-month calendar/planner which is available as part of their complimentary package that you can add to your binder. Also, If you subscribe to their newsletter you will have access to a selection of extension packs to add in more pages to help you continue with your self-development.

copyright of ayiena.com

You will really appreciate all the hard work, effort and love that has gone into producing this Journal.

As much as we may plan nothing is possible without the will of Allah (SWT).  And, as much as this journal is inspiring and contains all the tools to help you connect with Allah and bring balance in all areas of your life, it's only you who can make the effort and do the work.  The Authors have provided you with the tools it's for you to take accountability and apply it.

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"She believed she could so she did", is one of my favourite affirmation. What's your favourite? Share your affirmations below.

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  1. Love the practical nature of this journal.  Indeed, it takes real effort and focus to strengthen and build positive relationships- and to be able to culture that….makes sense.

    Also, as you note, we can easily lose balance in our lives when we pursue our dreams and goals.  This section that helps you keep perspective is an impactful section in the journal.

    Very nice recommendation!

  2. This looks incredible.  I am always interested in learning about others beliefs and so forth.  I believe there is to much negativity towards others these days and in the world and time we live in this should not be happening.  I have a question?  Is it okay to learn about all this just for knowledge or does that go against something.  Also you give so many good points and the journal looks incredible.  I dont know about others but I love having open eyes.

    1. Hello Dale, thanks for your comments, so glad the article as moved you this way.  I have always been interested in culture and faith. I took a foundation course in religious education to learn about different faiths and religions which really opened my eyes.  Yes, it is definently ok to seek knowledge about Islam.  I did this myself I wanted to know more about the religion just to educated myself.  The first book I read was The Idiots Guide to Islam. It’s a very good book by the way, it really breaks everything down and addresses a lot of stereotype questions. One of the first things taught in Islam is the importance of seeking knowledge (especially for yourself).  

      Jamila Jones
  3. So true – it’s important to constantly monitor and manage our selves as it is too easy to slip back into old habits – this is why we run a free productivity course around this journal each year.
    Jazakillah khair for your kind review habibti.

  4. This journal looks awesome! I love how it’s organized and focuses on Islam. Thanks for sharing some sample pages so we can see what it looks like. May Allah swt give us tawfeeq to complete all our dreams and aspirations.

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