1. As-Salam-O-Alaykum,
    I’m glad to find your website. I am wondering if it’s possible to get hold of the password to listen to the class recordings. JazakAllah

  2. Assalamualyakum,

    My name is Fahmida from USA. I was searching for how to understand Quran. Alhamdullilah I came across your site. I have started the root words and like to submit on what I have learned. Please let me know where I can submit my answers.

    1. Asalaam Allakum sister I am glad you have found the handouts useful. I am not available to teach right now but I recommend you check out alhuda the link is on this website, they do excellent courses, there is a small fee but I believe there is also a free course please check it out. Jazzakallah

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