Root Words

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What Are Root Words Handout

Juz1FatihaAyah1-7&BaqarahAyah1-141  Juz2SuraBaqarahAyah142-252





Juz 7 Sura Al Maidah Ayah 83-120 & Sura An’ aam Ayah 1- 110

pdfJuz 8 Sura An’ am Ayah 111 – 165 & Sura Araf Ayah 1- 87 (1)

pdfJuz9SuraArafAyah88-206&SuraAnfalAyah1-40 (1)


pdfJuz 11 Sura Taubah ayah 94-129 & Sura yunus Ayah 1-30 & Sura Hud 1-5

pdfJuz 12 Sura Hud Ayah 6-123 & Sura Yusuf Ayah 1-52

pdfJuz 13 Sura Yusuf 53-111, Sura Ra’d 1-43 & Surah Ibrahim Ayah 1-52

pdfJuz 14 Sura Hijr Ayah 1-99 & Sura Nahl Ayah 1-128


Juz 15 Sura Isra 1-111 & Sura Kahf 1-74

pdfJuz 16 Sura Kahf  75-110 & Sura Maryam 1-98 & Sura Taha 1-135

pdfJuz17 Sura Anbiya 1 – 112 & Sura Hajj 1 – 78

pdfJuz 18 Muminoon 1-118 & Nur 1-64 & Furqan 1-20

pdfJuz 19  Furqan Ayah 21-77 & Shuara Ayah1-237 & Naml 1-59

pdfJuz 20 Naml 60-93 & Qasas  1-88 & Ankabut 1-44

pdfJuz 21 Ankabut 45-69 & Rum 1-60 & Luqman 1-34 & Sajdah 1-30 & Ahzaab 1-30

pdfJuz 22 Ahzaab 31-73 & Saba 1-54 & Fitr  1-45 & & Yassin 1-21

pdfJuz 23 Yassin 22-83 & As Saffat 1 – 182 & Sa’d 1-88 & Az zumur – 1-31 

pdfJuz 24 Zumur 32-75 & Ghafir 1-85 & Fussilat 1-46

pdfJuz25 Fussilat 47-54 Shura 1-53 Zukhruf 1-89 Dukhan 1-59 Jaathiya 1-37

pdfJuz26 Ahqaf 1-35 Muhammad 1-38 Fath 1-29 Hujurat 1-18 Qaf 1-45 Dhariyat 1-30

pdfJuz27 Dhariyaat 31-60 Tur 1-49 Najm1-62 Qamar 1-55 Rahman 1-78 Waqiah 1-96 Hadid 1-29

pdfJuz28 Sura Mujadilah Ayah 1-22 through to Sura Tahreem Ayah 1-12

pdfJuz29          pdfJuz30

Huroof Illah

Arabic Root System



69 Responses

  1. AsslamAlaikum
    Sister Jamila

    You have not put up the root words for Sura nisa ayah 1-23

    • Walakum salaam
      I will upload later this evening inshallah.

    • As salaam Allakum
      Sorry it took so long to upload, I have been having problems with my computer, but Alhamdulilah, insha Allah all is good now. I have uploaded Sura Nisa and root words for Juz 16

      • AssalamoAlaikum
        howare you ? when are you uploading the next root words ??

      • aoa wrwbr…sister mashallah u are doing great job….
        can i get all ur material in urdu also?
        as i am working on this blog:
        kindly help me…
        email me please if u have…Ill be thankful…
        Note: I am working for Unregistered students,, so please need help…
        Alhamdulillah I have saved all ur pdfs uptil 25 paras….
        I was in search of root words Analysis
        Alhamdulillah i found….
        Jazakallahu khaira
        Such a great job…
        Such a sadqa-e- jaria…

      • Wallakum Sallam

        I am sorry the rootwords are not available in Urdu

  2. Assalamualaikum! I do not find the root words from Juz 7 to Juz 30.

  3. sister Jamila you have done a great job. Could we have Juz 8 and more the root words

  4. If possible please forward in the same format(list) after Juz 7…….30.

    Jazak Allah Khair

  5. Jazak Allah Khair for posting Juz-8. We appreciate to have Juz-9 and so on.

  6. Asalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,
    Jizakillah khairan for uploading root words til juz 9 , Kindly upload root word list till juz 30 if its available with you
    Jizakillah khairan

  7. Asalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,
    Jizakillah khairan for uploading root words.
    MashaAllah you are doing sadaqah jariyah
    keep it up

  8. Asalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, plz upload roots words from juz 12 to onward please

    • Walakum Salaam

      As soon as the sister who completes the root words sends them to me I shall upload them for everyone inshallah. I have just uploaded an update of root words for Juzz 11

  9. Sr. Jamila,
    AssalamuAlaykum. Can you please upload word file of the root words. I would like to include any words that are not already included from Quran.

    JAzakum Allah Khair for your efforts.

    • Wa sallam sister, I am sorry I cannot help with this request, you could try using the link on this website “Grammar of Quran” when you click on each word of the Quran it gives you the root words. Hope this helps.

  10. Asalam Alaykum,
    May Allah bless you my sister. Was wondering if you will be uploading root words for juzz 12?
    JazakAllah Khair x

  11. A salamalaikum will you be uploading rest juz hard word and roots inshallah ?

  12. Salam Alekum,

    How do you determine the root words, which formula or Rule?


  13. […] imagery in al-Quran [5] One such resource can be found here, unfortunately it is not complete: [6] The booklet can be downloaded here: [7] Dr. Ahmad […]

  14. As-Salaamuaalaikum,
    JazaakAllah khairan for your amazing wfforts. Has helped so much, Alhamdulillah.
    Is it possible to get root words for Juz 15 as well?
    JazaakAllah khair.

  15. Salam Alykum,

    One of the best websites, I always browse in browser, Allah gives more Sawaaab, would you please let me know , when the rest of Root Words will be uploaded as yet till 15 have been uploaded, thanks,

  16. aslm wr wb.
    is it possible to get juz 16 root words and word meaning.
    jzkk is a great help for me. may allah the almighty give all azar for taking effort to do.

    • Walllakum salaam
      If you can bear with me my computer has crashed with all my files. Once this is sorted I shall start uploading again
      Insha Allah


      • in shaa allah…bi idnillah.
        jazaki allahu kairen katheeran for letting me know.
        may allah the almighty help you and me.

  17. jazaki allahu kairen katheeran for the great help. may Allah the almighty grant you all his endless rahma, Baraka and comp took time to reply.

  18. Asslam o alaikum sister
    Allah SWT accept all ur effort and reward u with his blessing u doing really big job it’s help me a lot And many people learning as well . I m desperately waiting for next juz 17 to 30.
    My Dua’s with u

  19. aslm wrwb,
    how r u?
    can you please post the root words for juz 17 & 18.
    take care.

    • aslm wr wb.
      jazaki allahu kairen katheeran.
      barak allah fee ilmik.
      may allah the almighty reward you and your family with his endless blessings and mercy in this world and the hereafter.
      take care.

  20. aslm wr wb,
    how r u?
    can u post the root words for juz 18.
    take care.

  21. pls. can you upload rootword list from juzz 20- 30. It will be a great help. Jzk katheeran

  22. AOA WRB..
    Downloaded the roort words from here today and prayed for you that May Allah SWT reward you for the efforts.. May Allah SWT give me ILM and Taufeeq that i can share Para 18 and onwards in same way InshaAllah.. JZK Kaseeran..

  23. Assalam O Alakum Wr Wb

    JazakAllah Khayr.

    I don’t know who you are but i was trying to find root words and came across your website. It is amazing. The kind of resources you have, i am amazed and thankful to Allah SWT that He made you a waseela for me to gain knowledge from.

    JazakAllah Katheeran.

    I want to ask, if i have any questions, can i ask ? (I am not a student of your course!


  24. Assalam o alikumwr wb
    please send root words of juz 30

  25. […] Root Words. […]

  26. salaam aalaaykum.. baarak Allahu Feek… Do you or anyone has root words for all the paras?

  27. AOA WR WB:)
    Jazakumullahu Khairan Kaseeran fid dunia wal aakhirah
    Waiting for juz 24-30
    May Allah eases ur all matter

  28. aslm wr wb just that downloaded the roort words and prayed for you that may Allah SWT reward you for it aamin. and may Allah maked for me to learn aaamin. JazkaAllah … Fawsiya

  29. ASSALAMUALYKUM, my dear jamila where is the root letters from juzz 24 to 30? are u going to upload latter on?

  30. Assalamaliakum, sister could you please upload the root words for juz 26 and 27. jzk

  31. Assalam u Alaikum. Please can you tell me the root word of the word Quran?Jazakillahu khair.

  32. Will you upload Juzz 28,29,and 30 root words?

  33. Assalamu alaikkum brothers
    The root words for Juz 11 is uploaded wrongly by repeating Juz 10 again. Hence please make the amendment and upload Juz 11 so that we can continue obtaining the benefits.
    Jazakumullah Khairan.

    • Wallakum Sallam

      sorry for late reply, but i have checked the links and uploads and they are correct – if anyone is having the same problems please let me know


  34. Salam o Alekum,

    Ramadan Kareem Sister Jamila. May Allah(SWT) reward you ‘khatheeran’ for these root words. I am using them for my study at and they are a great help! I am looking forward for the roots words of Juz 29 and 30 as soon I will be needing them. Lots of Dua’as for your efforts.

    • Salamualykum, I stumbled across this site from google. I’m looking forward to Juz 29 and 30.
      I’m going to this explore this site.

  35. Aa wr wb sister
    Masha Allah u r doing great job!!

    Sister I cannot see juzz 29 & juzz 30 list of roots. How can I gain access to them pls..?
    Pls help

  36. Salam to all brothers and sister,

    I have taken the initiave to create pdf for whole Quran dividing in Juz/Para , Surahs etc which contains the verse word by word meaning with root letter along with literal meanings .

    The sample is here

    I’ll do same for whole Quran Insha Allah

    if possible provide feedback


  37. Salam
    I’ve created a sample for all Quran words with their root along with root literal meaning

    provide your feedback.

    If you like it I can do this for whole Quran Insha Allah

  38. Salam

    I’ve created site for all roots here

    please visit and share jzkl khair

  39. JazakAllahu Khiran!! Waiting for juz 30 plz.

  40. asalam alikum
    can i get in urdu pls,pls pls???????

  41. compete questions from sura Yousuf

  42. Dear sister plz chk juz 21 and 22 some problem ia there

  43. May Allah bless you with His Forgiveness

  44. I want to learn arbic

  45. i cant find the root wor for the word aayat in arabic canyou help.

  46. salam
    sis , what are the root words for Nisa?

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