Flash Cards

To open some documents you may need Adobe Reader

Click Here for Electronic Flash Cards 80% Words

Cut Out And Fold In Half To Make Flash Cards

Blank Flash Cards

Flash Cards Lesson 1

Flash Cards Lesson 2

Flash Cards Lesson 3

Flash Cards Lesson4

Flash Cards Lesson 5

Flash Cards Lesson 6

Flash Cards Lesson 7

Flash Cards Lesson 8

pdfFlash Cards Lesson 9

pdfFlash Cards Lesson 10

pdfFlash Cards Lesson 11


7 Responses

  1. Sorry got the flash cards…..was being blind


  2. lesson 2 n 3 is not printing

  3. JazakumAllah khair for the flash cards helping in sha Allah

  4. subhanallah

  5. Is your root word pdf files ends at Juz 13 only? Or can I get else where? Please help.

    • Wallakum Salaam

      I have been away from teaching and the website for a while but will be back after the Eid holiday in shah Allah and will continue to update the website


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