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Intro Lesson                                                    Lesson 2

What Are Root Words                                                       Grammar Homework

Lesson 1                                                            Lesson 3

Grammar They                                                                   Grammar Lesson 2

Juzz1-rootwordspg1                                                         Grammar Lesson 2a

Juzz1-rootwordspg2                                                          Word Review

Arabic Lesson 1 Arabic Language                                Arabic grammar review 2

Lesson 4                                                            Lesson 5

Mapping Arabic Lang pdf                                                 Huroof illat

Grammar Table                                                                  Arabic Root System

Lesson 6                                                            Lesson 7

Identifying the components of the Arabic Script         Pronouns

Definite Article – Sun&Moon Letters                             Grammar W/Breakdown

The Definite Article Chart

Detached Pronouns

Lesson 8

Identifying the components of the Arabic Script

Hamzatul_Wasl       Exercises Hamzatul Asl

Exercises Hamzatul Wasl


11 Responses

  1. Sister

    Mashallah!!! you are doing a great job!!!

    JazakAllah Khairun!!!

  2. alhamdulilah! is there a link for the word to word translation page?

    • Wa salaam, I am not sure what you mean. The links are all on the right hand side of the website under pages, if you meant something else, could you explain more fully


  3. Barak Allah fi
    Very useful site for students for Qur’an

  4. YOU R THE BEST TUTORIAL PROVIDER AMONG THE ALL. ALLAH turn all your bad things into good things in TAKDIR.

    I am doing(actually trying to do) a site(no-profitable and open) for daowa program on Islam , thus I badly need to learn depth knowledge of root word with meaning(different) and why the meaning taken from the context point of view.

    Do you help me on this issue.

    • Alhamdulila, Jazzkallah for your kind words. Please contact the link below, there you will find a vast range of courses insha Allah they will be able to help you with this, you need lessons on Word Analysis. If for any reason they cannot help you please come back to me.

      • Sister, thanks for your kind reply and co-operation, is it possible for you to provide me all the training materials you have for the root system(ALL JUZ and etc), I am from Bangladesh, thus its not easy for me to attend the course online as transaction is great problem from here.
        Take your time and trying for me, I am sorry to disturb you as you are busy and thanks and jazaka-Allah in advance.

  5. if it is totally impossible for you, then just give me the reference from where I could get all the course material you have provided in this site

  6. assalamu alikum

    please provide me total roots in the quraan..

  7. اسلام عليكم

    Sister Jamila,

    I would like to know how to get a copy of the book ( all Arabic) which references each Arabic word in the Quran divided by each sura with it’s corresponding Isolated root letters. I am referring to the document that is featured in scribed which is published by you. I would like to know how I can purchase this book and it’s name.


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